At the heart of the Christian faith is our relationship with God who gave us life and set us in the world to appreciate it, care for it and share it with others.  God’s love accepts us all, just as we are, and calls us to become even more fully the people he has created us to be.  As we get to know him better, we come to realise all the possibilities of a life lived lovingly, freely and fairly.  We also learn how to draw on God’s wisdom, strength and compassion to inform and inspire our own attitudes, actions and relationships.  

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Coronavirus resources

There are lots of other resources available to help people through this emergency.

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Prayer for the Day
Liturgy and prayer resources – brought to you by the Church of England, prayers and intercessions for personal or group use, special prayers for use if it isn’t possible to meet in church, and a simple form of prayer for the morning and evening, which can be downloaded, printed, and shared with those remaining at home or who are unable to access the Internet.
Church of England apps – apps with daily readings, prayer, and reflections on the psalms, to name a few.
The Archbishop’s video bible studies
Guildford Cathedral
The Ignatian Pray-as-you-go App - for a daily 10 min prayer/guided meditation.
YouVersion – a bible app with an abundance of reading plans and verses for the day. You can invite people to join you using a reading plan.
Bible App for Kids
Children’s resources from the LifeKids team.
Bible lens – transforms your everyday photos into profound, Biblically-based artistic shareable images. Bible Lens lets you take a picture or select one you already have. It detects not only objects in your photo, but more importantly, the Biblical themes of the moment that photo captured... and then suggests Bible verses to match!


If you would like us to pray for or with you, please contact us via the website or the Vicar.  

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last supper.JPGGuidance on Spiritual Communion