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All ages welcome but particularly suitable for families with young children

SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER -  Messy Church - Being the odd one out. The story of The Samaritan

SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER  - 11.00am in Church and Lunch Family - Harvest Festival Service

SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER -  Messy Church - Who would you ask to your party? The story of the Feast

SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER - Messy Church - Why am I eating pig food when I could be eating Pizza? The story of the prodigal son

SUNDAY 13th NOVEMBER - 10.00am in Church -  A Remembrance Sunday Service

SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER - Messy Church - How much do you think you are worth? The story of the precious pearl

SATURDAY 24th DECEMBER - 5.00pm in Church - Christmas Family Crib Service

SUNDAY 25th DECEMBER - 10.00am in church - Family Christmas Service


Please contact the Reverend Gussie Walsh 01483 275645 for details.