Christmas Trail brings Comfort and Joy

We're glad that so many enjoyed following the trail round the village, collected the 13 letters and sent in the correct quotation

Comfort and Joy

from the popular Christmas carol 'God rest you merry gentlemen'. Tidings of Comfort and Joy may have been in short supply recently but a huge thank you to Diane and Chris Savage for setting this up to bring us some cheer.


Diane Savage reports: ‘Thank you for organising this it’s been great fun to do …is it going to happen next year?’ These are just some lovely comments I received from the many participants (families and individuals) who took part in the Christmas Trail. It was fun to put together and I really would like to thank those households who were happy to host a ‘Clue Card’ and a BIG Thank You to: Paula & Carl at the Bricklayers Arms, Sean at the Red Lion and Damian at Shamley Green Stores for donating the prizes.

Xmas Trail.jpg 

There were 13 letters dotted about the village and unscrambled they spelt out ‘Comfort and Joy’. Our Vicar Sally drew the winners out of the special hat and confirmed they were…Dylan Hope, Tom Hall and the Kenyon Family. Well done to you all and enjoy your sweets!!

Sally Xmas trail.jpg                                 Prizes.jpg

An answer to will it happen next year?…let’s just see what this year delivers to us all!