Our Parish takes safeguarding of our children and vulnerable adults very seriously. It is everyone's responsibility. If you have any safeguarding queries or concerns please contact:  

The Reverend Sally Davies, Vicar of Shamley Green

Tel: 01483 892030

Mrs Diane Savage, Parish Safeguarding Officer

Tel: 07816 769913

Jackie Broadfoot, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Tel: 07918 559387                                                                                                        email:

Click here to read the Shamley Green PCC Safeguarding Policy in full.


See below letter from Bishop Andrew, and (click here) to view letter - Are you a survivor or victim of church related abuse? Could you help the Diocese of Guildford to learn from the past and protect the future?

I wrote to you in January asking for your support and participation in reviewing all our files across the Diocese to ensure that no safeguarding allegations or concerns have been left unreported or not investigated.  It is important that all known cases of concern about the behaviour of clergy and church officers towards children and vulnerable adults have been considered and dealt with appropriately.  
Thank you for your efforts, we now have had responses from all 162 parishes (a 100% return), three independent reviewers have been appointed and will start looking at all records in December – COVID-19 permitting.
We in the Diocese, fully support the House of Bishops wish to ensure that all our churches and church related activities are as safe as possible for children, young people and vulnerable adults. We want to ensure that there are no outstanding or unmanaged safeguarding risks posed by church officers.  We will seek to ensure that the support needs of known survivors and victims of church related abuse have been considered and met.
A critical part of this review is to listen to survivors and victims and to hear their voices in everything we do. As such, we are issuing a press release (to be isssued tomorrow) to local media across Surrey to let them know what we are doing and invite them to participate. We recognise that it may be incredibly hard for survivors and victims to come forward and so two dedicated listening services have been set up for those who may need to talk through their experiences before taking any further steps. Details of those services are available here on our website.
Help us reach survivors and victims
While we are reaching out to survivors and victims through local media and social media, we need your help to share this work in your parish and community. A short article is attached that could be shared on your church website, on social media or in your parish magazines. If you can share the article or our press release more widely, please do. If, as we hope, you are able to do so, please could you let Wendy Sleight know what you are doing.  Thank you
Support available
We appreciate this is a sensitive enquiry, the searching of information may have had an adverse impact on those contributing to the parish reports or survivors and victims may have come forward directly to you.
Please contact Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Jackie Broadfoot (  07918 559387) if you require pastoral care or to make a disclosure, and she will make sure the appropriate care and support is provided. 
Every Blessing
Bishop Andrew
The Diocese of Guildford, Church of England
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